Red Mist
Tractor: Red Mist Team: Red Mist Pulling Team Drivers: Stuart Noblet, James Noblet Class: Limited Pro Stock Engines: IH DT358 Power: 1,000hp Fuel: Diesel
Just Smoky
Tractor: Just Smoky Team: Just Smoky Pulling Team Drivers: David Jones Class: Super Stock Engines: IH DT466 Power: 4,500hp Fuel: Methanol
Red Alert
Tractor: Red Alert Team: Clarke Pulling Team Drivers: Peter Clarke, Geoff Ashcroft Class: Super Stock Engines: IH DT466, 598ci Power: 4,500hp Fuel: Methanol
Rough Justice
Tractor: Rough Justice Team: Rough Justice Tractor Pulling Team Drivers: Ted and Racheal Nicholson Class: Limited Super stock Engines: IH DT466 Power: 2,000hp Fuel: Methanol
Tractor: DieselRoss Team: DieselRoss Pulling Team Drivers: Martin Ross, Callum Ross, Sarah Shorrock Class: Super Farm Engines: MWM 226B 401ci Power: 800hp Fuel: Diesel
The Bowland Raptor
Tractor: The Bowland Raptor Team: Bowland Raptor Pulling Team Drivers: Leon Attenborough Class: Super Farm Engines: 360ci Ford Dover Power: 1,000hp Fuel: Diesel
Torq n Business
Tractor: Torq n Business Team: Torq n Business Pulling Team Drivers: Stuart Hunter Class: Super Farm Engines: MWM TD226B Power: 600hp Fuel: Diesel
Ali`s Nightmare
Tractor: Ali`s Nightmare Team: Drivers: Class: Engines: Power: Fuel:
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