Aftermath Unleashed
Tractor: Aftermath Unleashed Team: Whittingham Pulling Drivers: Dan Whittingham Class: Modified Engines: x4 supercharged 540ci Chevrolet V8 Power: 8,000hp Fuel: Methanol
Tractor: Aftermath Team: Drivers: Class: Engines: Power: Fuel:
Tractor: Kitt Team: Team Knight Rider Drivers: Grant Hay Class: Modified Engines: 38-litre Transmash V12 Power: 2,200hp Fuel: Diesel
Legend and Hero
Tractor: Legend and Hero Team: Legend and Hero Drivers: Ed Smith Class: Two Wheel Drive Engines: 496ci supercharged big block Chevy Power: 2,000hp Fuel: Methanol
Tractor: Fifty50 Team: Waygood Pulling Team Drivers: Andy Waygood, Luke Waygood Class: Limited Super Stock Engines: Sisu 7.4 litre Power: Some in there somewhere Fuel: Methanol
Snoopy 4
Tractor: Snoopy 4 Team: Team Whittingham Drivers: Kevan Whittingham Class: Heavy Modified Engines: Twin Rolls Royce Griffon V12s Power: 8,000hp Fuel: Methanol
Smokey 2
Tractor: Smokey 2 Team: Drivers: Class: Engines: Power: Fuel:
Mission Impossible
Tractor: Mission Impossible Team: Drivers: Class: Engines: Power: Fuel:
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