Aftermath Unleashed
Tractor: Aftermath Unleashed Team: Whittingham Pulling Drivers: Dan Whittingham Class: Light Modified Engines: x3 supercharged 540ci Chevrolet V8 Power: 6,000hp Fuel: Methanol
The Knight
Tractor: The Knight Team: The Knight Tractor Pulling Team Drivers: Ian Shirley, Helen Hesketh Class: Light Modified Engines: x2 supercharged Ford 547ci big block V8s Power: 4,000hp Fuel: Methanol
On the Limit
Tractor: On the Limit Team: On the Limit Pulling Team Drivers: Ellie Pacey, Mark Pacey Class: Light Modified Engines: x2 supercharged Chevrolet 572ci V8 Power: 4,000hp Fuel: Methanol
Tractor: Aftermath Team: Drivers: Class: Engines: Power: Fuel:
Tractor: Kitt Team: Team Knight Rider Drivers: Chris Knight Class: Light Modified Engines: 38-litre Transmash V12 Power: 2,200hp Fuel: Diesel
Gator 2 Lynx Edition
Tractor: Gator 2 Lynx Edition Team: PWS Tractor Pulling Team Drivers: Jim Whitecross Class: Light Modified Engines: x4 Rolls Royce Gem turbines Power: 4,000hp Fuel: Jet A1
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