Snoopy 3 Team: Team Whittingham Drivers: Josh Whittingham Class: Heavy Modified Engines: Twin Rolls Royce Griffon V12s Power: 6,000hp Fuel: Av-gas
Snoopy 3 from the Forton, Lancashire-based father and son team Kevan and Josh Whittingham is one of two, twin-Rolls Royce Griffon powered tractors they run, with help from team mates Paul Nixon and James Squire. Using MSD 20-amp ignition and av-gas fuel, the tractor's two supercharged 36.7-litre V12 engines produce a combined output of 6,000hp. Originally built in the USA by renowned puller Tim Engler, the tractor was lightened and rebuilt by Team Whittingham in 2009 to accommodate its huge aero engines for the 3.5t modified class. With additional weight, Snoopy 3 also competes in the heavy modified class.
Made by SugarShaker